17 things Americans don’t like about American culture

America is certainly not perfect.

Americans share the things they don’t like about American culture, and some points are controversial, but it needs to be talked about.

It all started when the reddit user u / FlameDragoon933 asked the question in this viral thread. Very quickly, many Americans began to voice their grievances. Here are some of the more impactful responses:


“Weddings. The whole culture of spending an insane amount of money throwing a mediocre cookie-cutter party with everyone trying to outdo each other is just ridiculous.”


“Government spending. We could be a utopia with a little bit of money management on spending our taxes, for god’s sake.”

u / bambinosaucee


“People seem to think that this is all a personal attack on them and that they are so oppressed or mistreated. It is getting pretty old.”

you / ghostridur


“The fetishization of back-breaking work, stress, lack of sleep, etc.”

u / xyanon36


“The fact that health care is a privilege and that not everyone has access to it.”


“Attitude titled. I have interacted and witnessed interactions with so many people who think they own it just because they live here. Worst of all are the people who say” come back to your country ” to people who were born here but not. “White people OR people who immigrated because it was better here than before. It really bothers me and I am constantly ashamed to live here because of it.

u / RoseAlchemist23


“I am for the right to own guns, but I hate the way people treat them like toys and collectibles. I think the spirit of the Second Amendment is that a gun is a gun. tool that you keep hidden in your house and hope you don’t. The reality for a lot of Americans is, “Dude, look at the sick mods of my AR-15. Yeah, it’s my seventh, but I just had to have it. “”

u / El Toberino


“I hate the commodification of everything. Each hobby should be a “side activity”. Like, I just wanna play the guitar. Why is there pressure to be a famous rock star? I like to build things, but I feel the pressure from society to sell them as products. “


“A lot of people treat the US Constitution as a sacred document that can only be added or changed, and some people don’t even want to do it. You talk about removing anything, even those that are totally unnecessary like the 18th amendment. (the prohibition amendment, the one that was repealed), and people have tantrums. THEY ARE CALLED “AMENDMENTS” FOR A REASON. The Constitution was supposed to be changed and amended, over time, and not kept as a static and immutable set of statutes. “

u / TheTrueGoldenboy


“Tipping. What kind of a world people have to live in with tips? And then we tax tips ?! This is all crazy.”

u / therobohour


“We don’t mind seeing someone get hurt or killed on a TV show, but God forbid we see a naked body in a non-sexual way.”


“Definitely the gun culture. Mass shootings every week in all kinds of situations, so it’s a possibility wherever you go.”

u / Sel-Ad8909


“People are rude to retail workers because of very little inconvenience. I’m sure people are rude in other parts of the world too, but we have people calling the police because we Tells them they have to wear a mask to walk into a store, or have a fit because they have to stand in line. You’re not that important. Calm down. “

u / spazzy_yet_snazzy


“Celebrity worship.”

John Shearer / Getty Images


Also, “The general idea in society that normal women should look like or be compared to celebrities.”

u / Connect_Ad7029


And finally, “The fact that we think the world revolves around us. After moving abroad, believe me, it doesn’t.”

Now it’s your turn. What do you, someone who lives in America, dislike about American culture? Share it in the comments below.

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