$ 18 million Native American community center tops list of Vision Fund recommendations

In a special session, the Native American community center He Sapa Otipi, an $ 18 million project, was presented to Rapid City Council.

RAPID CITY, SD – On Monday evening, Rapid City Council heard a list of 16 recommendations from the Vision Fund committee to allocate approximately $ 26 million over the next three years.

“Over the past few years there has been no gap between what the committee recommended and what was funded and I think the recommendation of this committee should be taken seriously,” said the mayor of Rapid. City, Steve Allender.

The committee began by recommending that the board extend the Vision Fund cycle from three to five years and take the money from years four and five to spend a total of $ 36 million. This includes $ 15 million to fund its number one project, a Native American Community Center, which is an $ 18 million facility.

“This Native American community center responds to a longstanding need in the community, it celebrates the culture of the Native American community and enjoys strong support within the community,” said Kevin Maher, Chairman of the Vision Fund committee.

Next, the committee recommended allocating $ 5 million out of a $ 7 million proposal to address what many see as the region’s greatest need, workforce housing.

Governor Noem last week called on lawmakers to award $ 200 million for the issue in the state. Maher says this goes a long way in helping the region raise $ 44 million through the Rapid City Strategic Housing Trust Fund to build 1,500 housing units in the city.

“It turns out that 15% of South Dakota’s population lives here in Rapid City, so 15% of the 200,000,000 will give us that extra $ 30 million and we will really reduce the need for affordable housing here in Rapid City,” Maher said.

Other proposals included the distribution of $ 2.5 million to Elevate Rapid City, an allocation of $ 4.5 million to South Dakota Mines for the renovation of the O’Harra Stadium and $ 3 million to rebuild the courts of Sioux Park tennis court. You can view the full list of recommendations by viewing the image below.

Vision 1 Fund

Rapid City Council will consider the recommendations in a working session on January 10.

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