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Since the beginning of our species, it has been the responsibility of the female to take care of the unborn child, the newborn and the young. After millions of years, women have brought us here.

Now is not the time for men – or a U.S. Supreme Court or state legislatures made up largely of white men – to wrest control from women and lead the spread of the species. .

As Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday night, “How dare they!”

They can’t tell women what to do with their bodies.

If you haven’t joined the fight yet, now is the time. Abortions will continue regardless of the final decision by the United States Supreme Court. We must protect women’s health and their right to privacy, regardless of the circumstances.

We already know the patchwork of laws that have sprung up in various states prohibiting abortion and that have disparately affected low-income women, including those in black and brown communities, who cannot afford wealthy women to travel elsewhere to end an unwanted or dangerous pregnancy.

We urge Congress to codify abortion rights into federal law by passing the Women’s Health Protection Act. The Democratic-controlled House already passed it, but it stalled in the US Senate.

In Virginia, Republicans will continue their legislative assault on women’s rights and attempt to ban abortions. So we must work to elect people to Congress and the Virginia General Assembly who believe in women’s rights and their ability to make responsible choices.

We have come too far for time to be pushed back.

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