Afghan-American community holds rally in Fremont amid crisis in Kabul – NBC Bay region

Members of the Afghan-American community in the Bay Area held a rally and march Saturday in Fremont on the current situation in Afghanistan.

They called on Washington’s leaders to take more action.

The group walked down Thornton Avenue as many carried signs and had a message.

“I am here because I want the Kabul airport to be open. I want President Biden to do everything in your power to negotiate with who you can in terms of diplomacy to keep the airport open, ”said Roya Massoumi, organizer of Saturday’s rally.

As residents of the region desperately try to escape the Taliban, it was learned on Saturday that the US military was establishing alternate routes to the airport due to ISIS threats against the Americans.

“We have so many people on the ground right now who need to be evacuated and we need more time to figure out how to do it,” Massoumi added.

And for many who attended the rally, they want more aid to come to Afghanistan.

“I can’t stop thinking about it. So on the other side, it’s not just my family. He’s not just my brother because I have my friends there. I have my classmates, it’s difficult for them, ”said Haseem Saleh, a resident of San Jose.

Many in the Afghan-American community are hopeful that actions like Saturday’s rally continue to gather momentum and keep the pressure on US leaders to help.

“The honest truth is, we know it’s heartbreaking. We know this is not fair to human life. This is not a topic of discussion left or right. I think the American public understands that, ”said Aisha Wahab, Hayward board member.

San José teacher Halima Kazem has her own experience of leaving Afghanistan as a child. She talks with Terry McSweeney from NBC Bay Area about how she is now part of a group of professors working to bring multiple Afghans to the Bay Area.

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