African American Culture and History Celebrated in Greenville

GREENVILLE, NC (WITN) – The Greenville-Pitt County African American Cultural Trail was unveiled at Town Common on Wednesday.

Several people attended the launch celebration at Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza on the corner of First and Greene streets, where the Sycamore Hill Baptist Church once stood.

The trail includes six stops that recognize the many contributions African Americans have made to the growth and development of Greenville and Pitt County.

“We celebrate the fact that we have such a great story that we can share,” said Andrew Schmidt, CEO of Visit Greenville, NC. “Not only with residents but also with visitors. “

The trail has been in the works for two years and features areas that show what Town Common was like before, all the way to the bustling old Shore Drive, to the African American community social and entertainment center of Greenville called “The Block,” and more, organizers said.

Schmidt said they wanted to see the first six stops as a stepping stone to bring the trail further into Greenville and eventually into Pitt County.

He added that there is also an app ready to be viewed on the trail once approved, which offers audio interviews of people who lived at the places of origin.

“It’s an important story that people need to know,” Schmidt said.

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