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American society reads like satire. But don’t dare laugh about it. Laughtalking about it is offensive.

“The Daily Show” aired on Comedy Central for 27 seasons. Last week Trevor Noah announced his departure from the show. Noah failed as the program’s host. He lost more than 76% of his predecessor Jon Stewart’s audience. Its content was inherently not funny.

But Noah’s hacking skills aren’t the story. The network cast him knowing he couldn’t fake a laugh more than a niche subsection of the population. In fact, it made him the perfect candidate for the role.

Trevor Noah is diverse, predictable, confident and an ardent progressive. These qualities count more than humor and talent. They have come to define the state of satire.

Comedy is no longer creative or effective. “Saturday Night Live” subtly realized that over the weekend. On Saturday, the program returned for its 48th season. Predictably, the show opened with a skit parodying former President Donald Trump. Equally predictable, the sketch fell flat. But the track didn’t just poke fun at Trump. He also laughed at himself. A character playing Peyton Manning described running the program as a challenge.

“The show is in a year of rebuilding for sure. Fourteen joke attempts this episode, one soft laugh and three laughs,” the character joked about the truth. the only reason everyone logs on.”

The comedy’s demise is partly due to an unhealthy infatuation with Trump. He’s such an authoritative figure that supposedly funny content creators feel compelled to repeat their lines about him to garner retweets.

Equally responsible for the genre’s downfall, however, is a culture fueled by outrage. “SNL”, “The Daily Show” and stand-up comedians are scared shells of themselves. The thought police suppressed the art of the joke.

If you think the crowd scared off the cowardly press, watch what these unreasonable hemophiliacs did to satire.

Artists used to pat each other on the back for this killer prank that drew “oohs” from the crowd. Today, they just hope no one in the crowd calls them bigoted on social media.

The list of excuses from comedians is extended and growing. Did you know that all jokes are racist, homophobic, transphobic, dangerous or threatening? Well, it turns out they are.

The comedy is predictable and repetitive. If you haven’t heard, white women love coffee, Trump has small hands, and a man wore Viking horns on Capitol Hill.

That’s about the extent of the political derision of corporate “comedy” brands. And what a time to see such a historically significant part of American culture, comedy, decline.

Truth be told, there’s never been more material for witty satire. The country deserves to look in the mirror with laughter and humiliation. American culture is a bloody parody of an Orwellian society.

Compromised dorks hold the most influential positions in the nation. They tried to redefine the most basic words of the English language. Our wacky society is in a permanent conflict over the term “woman”.

The United States Air Force requires cadets to undergo ‘gender-neutral training’ that avoids the words ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ in the name of the idea that some parents are neither ‘other. The United States is ready to fight the next war with pronouns.

Our president is struggling to speak and hopes to get help soon from Rep. Jackie Walorski, who passed away last summer. And more powerful than he was a petty bureaucrat who probably helped fund the creation of the virus from which he double his net worth.

A term called “equity” is the main political message from the White House. What is equity, for those who are not yet sure of its importance? Vice President Kamala Harris explained last week that meant withholding relief to white people until all communities of color were located.

“We need to address this in a way that is to give resources based on equity, understanding that we are fighting for equality, but we also need to fight for equity, understanding that everything the world doesn’t start in the same place,” Harris said of Floridians seeking help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.

Yes, this would have been a bit hilarious. Unfortunately, it is not the case. Harris actually argued for it racist fair idea.

These subjects are forbidden to actors in general. The few brave voices still doing comedy — from the following names to Alex Stein — have been firmly warned that there is a price to pay for daring to post jokes that go against the mainstream media narrative.

In March, The Babylon Bee lost access to its Twitter account for awarding a government official named Rachel Levine, a biological man who identifies as a woman, its “Man of the Year.” Twitter called the joke “hateful” and asked The Bee to delete the post itself to admit wrongdoing.

The tweet was so hateful that its wink actually played out when the NCAA named Lia Thomas, a biological man who competes against female swimmers, for Woman of the Year a few months later.

Even recently created parody accounts have struggled to stay afloat. For example, Meta took down a popular Instagram page last year for its mockery of Dr. Fauci’s stumbling expertise. His jokes were a form of “misinformation”, says Meta.

Bill Maher is “fatphobe” because it includes obesity rates in its “New Rules” segments. Being fatphobic is almost – but not quite – as bad as being racist, Hollywood reporters say.

We haven’t checked in a bit, but last we knew Netflix employees were still staging walkouts demanding Dave Chappelle’s cancellation for including both and trans people in his monologue last fall.

Aspiring comedians took note. Trevor Noah hosted the White House Correspondents’ Dinner this year. Meanwhile, creative pranksters can’t find a mainstream video service to stream their stand-up specials — hello, Adam Carolla.

Political satire was of great importance to conversational discourse. An effective joke not only makes you laugh but also makes you think. It makes you aware of the folly of your own ideology – this includes sensitive topics.

“SNL” and “The Daily Show” and political comedians once existed to look at society through a humorous lens. This is no longer the case.

If Donald Trump or white supremacy isn’t the subject of the joke, it carries serious risks. The tone might hurt the feelings of the wrong social media user.

The backlash is too severe. Performers and their brand partners don’t have the backbone to withstand the heat.

Cowardice now defines comedy. Quality humor is hardly possible in a society geared towards victimization and perpetual indignation.

American culture is satirical and we are not allowed to laugh.

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