October 19, 2021
  • October 19, 2021

Another lost cause lost | Richmond Free Press

By on September 30, 2021 0

Self-proclaimed “very stable genius” and former social media influencer Donald Trump loves slavery and the lost cause of Robert E. Lee’s Confederacy defeat so much, he just can’t keep his ignorant mouth shut.

On September 8, he said of Afghanistan: “What an embarrassment we suffer because we do not have the genius of a Robert E. Lee.

As a notoriously corrupt and frivolously contentious bankrupt businessman and legendary tax evader who is also infamous for repeatedly refusing to pay his employees the wages they are legally entitled to, Mr. Trump knows a thing or two. two about forcing contractors and laborers to work for him without being paid for their work.

It’s time to make traitor Trump pay for his crimes. Does an American who is not currently in a medical COVID-19 coma on a ventilator in a Republican-controlled state have any doubt that Mr. Trump is a New Confederate career criminal and neo-Nazi who belongs to Rikers Island prison instead of his really cheesy country club in Palm Beach?

United States Attorney General Merrick Garland must move on and handcuff Mr. Trump ASAP!


Arcata, California.

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