Boise Soul Food Festival showcases African American culture

BOISE, Idaho- The Boise Soul Festival is happening this Saturday at Julia Davis Park from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

This free festival allows people to experience African American culture through music, dance and of course food.

“We categorize soul food as food for your soul, its history dates back to pre-slavery times,” said Shari Baber, president of the Soul Food Festival. “We plan to have collared greens, catfish, okra, BBQ ribs, sweet potato pie, pound cake and sock cake, all of which are from our history and we would like to share this with our community.”

The festival kicks off with yoga, it features fun for kids, art and it also features retail and 18 food vendors.

“It’s so important even to our black businesses as well as the community as a whole,” said Trish Walker, who founded Idaho Black Community Alliance. “It’s a chance and an opportunity for our companies to show what they have and allow the community to engage, support them and help them grow their business.”

Both ladies called the festival a bridge that connects Treasure Valley residents with the African-American community.

“As a culture and in this community, we are a very small population, so the festival gives us a meeting place where all the cultures in our community can come and learn about our culture,” Baber said.

We met one of the food vendors during the Super Bowl, Brandon Timberlake smoked some delicious, I know because I bought a rack, Timberlake’s Kitchen will make ribs and hot links with bourbon and smoked maple as well as their famous smoked macaroni and cheese.

“Black culture is soul food,” Walker said. “Soul food is black culture and the community needs to know what we have.”

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