Census Clearinghouse Urges Oklahoma Residents to Complete U.S. Community Survey


The Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma urges Oklahoma residents to complete the American Community Survey if it appears in their mailbox. The survey is sent out monthly by the US Census Bureau. It’s a much deeper version of the decennial census that comes out every ten years.

The American Community Survey is sent to about one in 40 people each year, which works out to about 10,000 people per year in Tulsa alone.

This is a different questionnaire than the decennial census you completed last year, CIC officials say this survey is more in-depth on members of your household. Questions include topics on housing characteristics, socio-economic aspects, your level of education, job information, income range, citizenship status, etc.

If your house is chosen to participate, you will receive a postcard in the mail with instructions on how to complete the online survey. If you do not complete it online, the survey will be mailed to you in hard copy to complete and mail back.

There is an English and Spanish option presented online.

Melanie Poulter, of the Census Information Center, said this survey had an impact on the quality and funding of the community.

“This allows us to understand the makeup of our populations in a given area so that planning effort initiatives can be proposed appropriately,” Poulter said.

Each month’s results are released a year later as this data arrives.

“It is important to fill out this form,” Poulter said. “We are constantly receiving information, which helps us to regularly review the needs of the community. “

If you have any questions about the survey, you can call the Census Information Center of Eastern Oklahoma at 1-800-642-0469 or 1-800-523-3206.

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