Congresswoman Malliotakis thanks Greek-American community through TNH

STATEN ISLAND — Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis, representing New York’s 11th District, via the National Herald, sent a deep and heartfelt thank you to the Greek-Americans who supported her immediately following her August 23 primary victory. .

As she said from her political office in Staten Island, “My victory today is due to the thousands of citizens who, with their votes and their love, have filled me with pride but also with responsibility as I continue my political campaign. I also extend a big thank you to my colleagues, the staff of my political office who have supported me all this time. Together we fought and fought an honest and clean fight, which was justified.

The congresswoman added, “It’s great to represent the Republican Party in Staten Island and part of Brooklyn. The citizens of New York are outraged by the monopoly of the Democrats who govern the city, and they see in me the only voice of the Republicans in Washington.

Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis with New York State Assemblyman Michael Tannousis. (Photo: National Herald/Mihalis Kakias)

Focusing now on the general election, she said: “I will be running against Democrat Max Rose again in the November election and we are confident that we will win again. My goals remain the same, to strengthen borders, support all security forces, fight crime, reduce inflation and develop our own energy sources so that we are not dependent on enemy or friendly countries. I am proud because I am a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, my immediate priority being the support of Greek and Cypriot positions and interests. I recently objected to the sale of military fighter jets to Turkey, which would be used to further violate the airspace of Greece and the islands.

New York State Assemblyman Michael Tannousis praised Nicole Malliotakis, telling TNH that as the only Greek-American congresswoman from New York, “her position is very important both for the Republican Party and for the state and we should all vote for her in the next general election,” he said.

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