Dozens of Latin American community members missing in Miami condo rubble | News

SURFSIDE, Fla. (CNN / KWWL) – Among the many families awaiting news of their missing loved ones, the Latin American community is a circle of more affected families.

Dozens of citizens of Latin American countries, including Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, Uruguay, Chile and Paraguay, are missing somewhere in the rubble of the collapsed Surfside condominium.

The condominium collapse occurred near a part of Miami affectionately known as “Little Buenos Aires.”

A family told CNN that the sister of Paraguay’s first lady was missing, along with her husband and three children. The Paraguayan Foreign Ministry said the family had traveled to Miami to be vaccinated and took a babysitter with them. This trip was their first time outside the country.

Also among the missing, a Chilean citizen of the former Chilean president, Michelle Bachelet.

A woman, Abigail Pereira, is friends with a missing Argentinian couple with their six-year-old daughter.

“We’re people who are here with a little bit of hope because that’s all we have,” Pereira said. “And the only thing they tell us is that there are these kinds of microcapsules where there could be survivors.”

For rescuers, they continue to dig through the debris with heavy machinery, sometimes doing what is called an “All-Stop” where everyone stops and listens to the sounds of people who might still be alive.

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