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ER editor Wolcott recently expressed concern over the proliferation of teen killers and a few other modern developments in our culture.

The societal rot the county is experiencing became evident around the time LBJ decided to import democracy to Vietnam and reward single-parent families for maintaining their orphan status.

The signs were everywhere. Most kids didn’t pray in class anyway before God was kicked out of school, but they knew lightning could strike if they misbehaved. There were a few conspiracy lunatics claiming that Khrushchev’s promise to conquer us through the schools was coming true, but they were widely ridiculed.

The slogan of the day was “If it feels good, do it”. These words were instrumental in creating phenomena like the Manson family and the growth of the new abortion industry. Getting and staying stoned was admirable and encouraged.

Children who escaped family planners received special attention that was unavailable to previous generations. We went from ‘Children should be seen and not heard’ to ‘Never trust anyone over 30’. We were told that their music was poetry and contained rhythmic instructions on how we should think and live. Modern parenting manuals are generally accepted.

Both porn and football had come out of the closet and were played by America’s youth. It didn’t matter how good his performance was. Trophies were awarded for participation (in football).

Is anyone surprised that our kids are so screwed up? I think it’s surprising that any of them are sane.

—Jack McWherter, Cherokee

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