Fight unwinnable battles in an American culture war

It’s that the existence and historical significance of the Obamas triggers the former president and those who want to return to a mythical time when the marginalized “knew their place,” which was certainly not on the walls of the White House.

Cultural repression is a rebellion against acceptance and inclusion, minorities earning a place in the best jobs and schools, LGBTQ youth speaking their truth and refusing to be locked in a shame-filled closet, teaching American realities and world history long hidden in sanitized versions of the past, yet knowing that the facts will be revealed no matter how many books are banned or how many libraries are funded.

Culture can be as simple as the former first lady proudly sporting braids in the White House, the same year the House passed the Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair Act, or CROWN ACTthat would ban hair discrimination based on race in the workplace, federal programs and public housing.

This small step forward, in this case endorsing the right to wear your hair as it grows out of your head, could not escape the scorn of lawmakers such as Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who , voting “no”, tagged this “bad hairBill, hurtful words that are easy to dismiss as rubbish when the former first lady sees you.

It was those Obama touches that brought smiles to many: Barack Obama calling his wife “good” and her calling his remarks “spicy,” an exchange both familiar and amusing, especially for many African Americans.

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