Five ways the Queen has influenced American culture, from presidential visits to memes

Queen Elizabeth II of England deceased Thursday, September 8, at 96, but the influence of his 70-year reign has been felt by Americans through presidential meetings and even memes.

Here are five ways she made waves in the United States

Millions learned about his life story from ‘The Crown’

The story of Queen Elizabeth’s life, from her father’s untimely death to the vast change she witnessed during a 70-year reign, may not have been the big history lesson. in American classrooms as it was for the British.

But millions of people have learned about Her Majesty’s life through Netflix.

The Queen is the central figure in one of the platform’s most popular TV dramas, “The Crown”, which follows her life from childhood through the start of the reign and into the 21st century.

The historical drama series had four seasons and will be would end after six. Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, who played Elizabeth II at different stages of her life, both won Emmys for their portrayal.

Michelle Obama broke protocol to hug her

In 2009, Michelle Obama would have broke protocol when she put her arm around the queen for a hug during a meeting at Buckingham Palace, the BBC reported.

In her memoir, ‘Becoming’, the first lady wrote that she felt sorry for Her Majesty for their sore feet – they were ‘two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes’.

Andy Warhol turned it into pop art

American pop art icon Andy Warhol was famous for his colorful Campbell’s soup cans and Marilyn Monroe prints, but the queen was also the subject of the artist’s work.

Warhol is said to have said one day: “I want to be as famous as the Queen of England.”

His 1985 portfolio featured the Queen, according to the Royal Collection Trust, and consisted of a photograph from 1977 of its silver jubilee.

She was also the queen of memes

For a 96-year-old woman, Elizabeth II was an internet staple.

Photos and videos of her facial expressions and jokes at public events have often prompted memes on social media to go viral – like the time she cut a cake with a sword or when she was visibly delighted to see a herd of cows.

But perhaps the most iconic for Americans and the world was when she and Daniel Craig (who played James Bond) gaged at the entrance to the 2012 London Olympics with a brace where it looked like the queen had jumped out of a helicopter and in the stadium with a Union Jack parachute.

His infamous meeting with JFK and Jackie

John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie, first visited Buckingham Palace in June 1961 for a banquet dinner, and it was not without controversy.

Two iconic women of their time, Jackie and Queen Elizabeth were close in age – as a dramatic episode of ‘The Crown’ highlighted.

After the event, Jackie allegedly told a friend that she found the guests boring, according to Town & Country, and that Prince Philip was “nice but nervous” while the Queen was “quite heavy”.

The queen met 13 US presidents during his lifetime, according to NBC News. Lyndon B. Johnson, who became president after Kennedy’s assassination in 1963, was the only president among the last 14 she did not make.

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