Glendale unveils monument honoring its Filipino American community

Glendale, California has its first-ever Filipino monument in the form of a marble monument honoring its Filipino American community.

The Philippino American Business Association of Glendale (FABAG), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Filipino Americans with outreach programs and community service projects, unveiled the Filipino-American Friendship Monument at the start of of the month.

The 6-foot-tall monument, which pays homage to past FABAG presidents and highlights its history and friendship with the city, stood for two years and is located outside the Adult Leisure Center at downtown Glendale.

“It will symbolize the dedication of this Filipino community to achieve a project like this,” Glendale Mayor Paula Devine said. mentioned. “Staying together for 32 years is an accomplishment in itself.

“It’s Pinoy pride for us. We’re so very happy and it’s friendship, gratitude, commemoration, tribute… You name it. We have it in this monument,” said Edith Fuentes, FABAG board member.

Glendale is home to around 15,000 Filipinos, making up over 7% of its total population of 200,000 and comprising the city largest Asian minority group. The city council named October Filipino American History Month in 2013.

“My heart is filled with gratitude to the City of Glendale officials, the business leaders of Glendale, the Filipino community of Glendale, the American mainstream, for your support of this project,” Edgar Badajos, the Consul General of the Philippines in Los Angeles, mentioned. “Thanks to you, we now have a beautiful Filipino American monument.”

the Filipinotown Historic Walkwayofficially named “Talang Gabay: Our Guiding Star”, was installed in Los Angeles on April 2. The walkway, which stands 30 feet high and 82 feet wide, elevates the Filipino American community and honors frontline Filipino healthcare workers.

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