Hemant Thombre on community, inclusivity and empathy in Asian American culture

IIn honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we are introducing members and leaders of our Asian professionals to the Nasdaq Employee Resource Group (ERG) (APAN) to en learn more about their roles on the Nasdaq, the impact they have every day, and how other groups can be allies to the wider Asian community. We spoke with Hemant Thombre, Assistant Vice President and Software Engineer for Global Technology at Nasdaq, about Asian American culture and how it influenced his work.

Can you tell us about your role at Nasdaq?

I joined the Nasdaq over a decade and a half ago. I was part of the CoreDev team responsible for Nasdaq equity exchanges (NQ, BX, PSX). I mainly work on the routing system for US and Canadian stock markets.

Who in the APAN community do you consider a role model and why?

There are so many outstanding APAN members, but I have known Nipun Ragoowansi for years! He has been with the Nasdaq for a long time and is always ready to help. I am also grateful to Tal Cohen, Roland Chai and all of our Nasdaq colleagues for their support of the APAN community during difficult times.

What does Asian American culture mean to you?

From my perspective, it’s a culture of community, inclusiveness, empathy and lots of celebration!

Who is an Asian American leader you look up to and why?

I am interested in general aviation. One person I really admire is NASA astronaut Kalpana Chawala. She was an engineer who became a pilot, then a flight instructor, and became the first Indian woman to go into space.

Which Nasdaq APAN event is your favorite?

I love all events and celebrations, especially those with international aspects.

How has your culture shaped your perception of leadership and leadership values?

One of my main teachings was to treat everyone with respect and to always help others. It helped me work better with my team and everyone around me.

What technology usage trends/habits do you see in the Asia-Pacific region that you’ve transferred to the US?

I noticed a not so recent trend that everyone is going to a cashless society and just using their phone for all kinds of payments. This enables frictionless and fast transactions and discourages criminal behavior. Personally, it encouraged me to slim down my wallet!

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