Huaidi Gao compares Chinese culture to American culture

Have you ever been told that the Chinese culture is rich and has the best morals? With people working hard to achieve their goals and lead the country to success, there are holes that bring their society down. No culture is perfect, and neither is Chinese culture. There are things that take root deeply in the community, which makes it fragile.

The Chinese dynasty has always been considered a success. However, the same diet cannot continue. People cannot be pushed around by leaders who remain oblivious to the situation their people are going through. In today’s China, an authoritarian regime still exists and people still line up for higher social status. Not only does the book talk about how culture affects social hierarchy, but it also mentions mobile hierarchy.

The mobile hierarchy is a tenacious social ladder that does not move even if the following generations earn a better living. People are given a specific ancestral social status, and that doesn’t change no matter what.

Considering the social system, the freest democratic system is the one that exists in America. There are flaws here too, but on very small scale proportions. American Culture Supports Democratic Leadership. The country does not put its people in a position where they are forced to stagnate in one place. The social system has free mobility and does not prevent anyone from moving up or down the social ladder.

With these clear indications, the book explains how opposed China is to America. Some things are totally different and allow citizens to choose for themselves. The last pages of the book give a clear indication of how everything is going, how the dictatorship could finally end and how the people of the country can play a part in demanding what they deserve; Individual liberty.

Comparison of real Chinese culture and American culture by Huaide Gao is available on Amazon in paperback format for purchase.

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