India approaches US Embassy over US detention of Indian students



India launched an approach on Saturday February 2 with the American Embassy. India has expressed concern over the detention of Indian students in the United States and requested immediate consular access to them.

The Foreign Office (EAM) said India continues to closely monitor and take proactive steps to address the situation arising from the detention of several Indian students as part of their enrollment in a “Fraudulent university in the United States”.

One hundred and thirty foreign students arrested by the American authorities for having enrolled in a bogus university supposed to remain in this country are largely Indians. Immigration and Customs officials made the arrests on Wednesday, January 30.

Asked about the approach of the Department of Foreign Affairs, a spokesperson for the US embassy said: “We can confirm that the Embassy received an approach from the Department of Foreign Affairs regarding Indian citizens detained in the United States this week.”

“Our concern for the dignity and well-being of detained students and the need for immediate consular access for Indian officials to detainees were reiterated,” he added. It said.

The department told the US Embassy that students, who may have been tricked into enrolling in “college” should be treated differently from recruiters who tricked them.

“We urged the American side to share all the details and regular updates of the students with the government, to release them from detention as soon as possible and not to resort to involuntary deportation,” said the ministry.

The Indian mission and consulates visited several detention centers across the United States to provide consular assistance to detained students, the MEA said.

“So far around 30 Indian students have been contacted by our consular officers. Efforts to contact the remaining Indian students are continuing,” It said.

The ministry said a 24/7 helpline has been established at the Indian Embassy in Washington for assistance / issues related to the detention of Indian students.

The support numbers are: + 1-202-322-1190 and + 1-202-340-2590 and the email is: [email protected]

The ministry said the Indian government as well as the Indian Embassy and Consulates in the United States attached the highest priority to the welfare of detained students and would continue to work with the United States authorities and other stakeholders to resolve the issue. problem.

Previously, eight Indian recruiters, mostly from Andhra / Telangana, had been arrested for conspiring to commit visa fraud by faking a university in Farmington Hills in Detroit.

Andhra Pradesh government representative in Delhi, K Rammohan Rao, wrote a letter to MEA Sushma Swaraj on behalf of Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu to request intervention in the case where several Indian students face criminal charges and deportation from the United States.


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(With contributions from Ashish Pandey in Hyderabad)

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