Math teacher pokes fun at Native American culture in uncomfortable clip


A California teacher was put to the test after her bland lesson plan involved wearing Native American headwear and her rendition of a “tomahawk chop.”

The offensive, and not to say painfully awkward, clips shared on Akalei Brown’s Instagram page (@corn_maiden_designs) appeared to show teacher Candace Reed of John W. North High School, poking fun at Native American culture.

According to several reports, a Native American student was asked to record Reed during his math class after “feeling that violence was being committed against him and that he had the right to record.”

Reed pulled out “a fake feather headdress” before performing “war hoops and tomahawk cuts” in the classroom. The students were mostly silent and seemed incredibly uncomfortable (possibly due to secondary embarrassment). One user commented, “How can she not even read the play?”

The footage showed Reed performing a hash movement while chanting “SohCahToa”.

While “SohCahToa” can be used as a mnemonic device to remember the mathematical concepts of sine, cosine, and tangent, people were still puzzled as to why she felt compelled to make fun of Native American culture in the world. process.

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In the next three clips, she continued with a humiliating dance that she takes to the tables at the back of the classroom – again, shouting “SohCahToa” throughout.

She then introduced a war song before crushing her “toa” in a strange turn of events. In another part of the sequence, she raised both hands towards the “water goddess” to ask for “the secret Indian song”.

The professor finally burst out laughing and called the whole scene “ridiculous”.

The images sparked widespread social media outcry after people couldn’t believe 2021 still had that level of ownership.

“It’s absolutely appalling and she needs to be fired,” said one, while another couldn’t “believe what I’m seeing”.

“I’ll write a letter tonight,” wrote another enraged user. “It was so disappointing to watch and scary and so sickening.”

“Wow! In 2021 we ALWAYS have this ignorant behavior and the fact that they see NO EVIL doing this,” added one.

indy100 has contacted John W. North High School for comment.

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