Michigan’s Asian-American community celebrated at Detroit subway events next week Michigan Advance


Metro Detroit will host events next week featuring artistic and cultural work that uplifts and celebrates Michigan’s Asian-American community.

It is organized by Rising Voices, a progressive nonprofit that promotes the civic participation of Asian American women and families in the electoral process and public policy.

“Asian Americans are one of the fastest growing populations in Michigan and the United States,” said Jasmine Rivera, director of communications for Rising Voices. “Following more than a year of pandemic difficulties and growing anti-Asian violence across the country, we are honored to work with extraordinary artists who not only elevate the representation of Asian Americans here in Michigan , but also highlight how women and families build collective power and work to create a better state for all. “

Formore information on events, see Rising Voices website.

Asian Americans make up about 3.3% of Michigan’s population.

On Tuesday, a virtual roundtable titled “How We Remember: Collective Approaches to Healing from Ancestral Trauma” will take place. Branden Synder, Co-Executive Director of Detroit Action, and Rebeca Maxon, PhD student at the University of Michigan, will join Laura Misumi, Fourth Generation Executive Director of Japanese America and Rising Voices, to discuss the history of the internment of Japanese Americans during the world war. II, the current detention of migrants and the massive incarnation of BIPOC communities.

Macomb County Commissioner Mai Xiong |
Photo by Jarod Lew for Rising Voices

On Thursday, attendees will preview “DIY: Power,” a new video series created in collaboration with award-winning filmmakers from “Final Girls,” the professional filmmaking collective from Detroit. The multilingual civic education series focuses specifically on Michigan’s Asian-American community. and seeks to involve them in the political process. Diane Cheklich, Eden Sabolboro, Lara Sfire and Kristine Patnugot will attend the in-person event to be held at the Film Lab in Hamtramck.

On September 25 and September 26 Rising Voices will be participating in Dlectricity, a free evening outdoor festival in Detroit. The organization’s “Rising Voices Amplifier” exhibit will be on display. It includes a series of documentary photos profiling Michigan’s Asian-American community by noted photographer Jarod Lew. The exhibit is located at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.

“We think this is all of critical importance, especially at a time when the redistribution is underway,” Misumi said referring to the statewide effort by which Congressional Districts and laws are redistributed. “We want to make sure Asian Americans are active and engaged.”

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