Native American culture should be part of Bison World

I am referring to the Jamestown Sun article “Bison World Designed for All Ages” from December 4 to 5:

I am delighted that investors and project planners are actively interested in bringing attention to tourism in Jamestown, North Dakota.

I moved to Jamestown from the East Coast in 1978. I was hoping to see the old presentation and culture of the Wild West and Native Americans. For the most part, I’ve seen western clothing and rodeos, and our wonderful Frontier Village. It left me feeling that part of our old west was missing.

Many tourists will come to our wonderful city and enjoy the fun activities of Bison World. How wonderful it would be for them to get a taste of Native American culture with the old west of Frontier Village.

The Bison World design is a nod to our Native Americans with a presentation on the big screen. Personally, I believe that many travelers and tourists would like to experience a true presentation of an indigenous village and give the indigenous people the opportunity to display and sell their wares. Many would like to see performances of Aboriginal life and perhaps their music, culture and dance. I would love to experience the pride of our Native Americans in a live presentation here in Jamestown instead of seeing them on a screen.

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Here we are on the eve of the year 2022, unfortunately, Native Americans will only have a nod to their history on the big screen.

I think many would agree with me. I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for this opportunity to express my opinion.

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