Newsom urges Asian American community to vote for recall


LOS ANGELES – Gov. Gavin Newsom urges Californians to stay abreast of recall elections and return mail-in ballots. He stepped out into the community the last few days before the election. He was joined by various members of Congress in an effort to persuade minority voters to stay informed.

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  • Congresswoman Judy Chu calls on Asian American communities in the Pacific Islands to vote against Newsom’s impeachment
  • Historically, Asians have been conservative, but over the past two decades the demographics have turned blue
  • Conservative support rallied around GOP candidate Larry Elder
  • One of the latest Suffolk University polls released on Wednesday found 58% backing Newsom

Congresswoman Judy Chu D-Pasadena met Newsom at a rally in the heart of Los Angeles Chinatown at Mandarin Plaza.

“I’m really nervous about [the recall]”Said Chu.” I’ve seen the Larry Elder commercials. I’ve seen Republicans trying to do everything and I’m nervous. I’ll be nervous until the evening of September 14th.

Chu calls on Asian American communities in the Pacific Islands to vote against the impeachment of Governor Newsom.

“Seventy percent of our population are immigrants,” she said. “And so, we have people who may have a language barrier, but who may also not be very familiar with the American system of electoral politics; they may not realize how important their vote is, but we need to make sure that our immigrant community exercises our voice fully.

Historically, Asians tend to be conservative. In 1992, according to the New York Times exit polls, 51% of Asian voters were Republicans and 49% Democrats. In 1996, 57% were Republicans and 43% Democrats.

But political change began and in 2012 Asians voted overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama. In 2020, Asians voted for then-candidate Joe Biden with a 27-point margin between him and Donald Trump. This shift from Republican to Democrat is seen in California, where Biden won three out of four Asian voters.

Chu said the Asian community is now motivated to support Newsom, especially after its swift actions against the recent increase in hate crimes of Asian-American origin.

“The tendency of Asian Americans to go from red to blue is a national phenomenon,” Chu said.

Other members of the Asian American Congress disagree. Representative Michelle Steel, R-Huntington Beach, said on Elder’s campaign page that “things in California have never been worse” and that Elder would lead the state on issues of roaming, cost. of life, public education and security.

“It’s about the fact that people are leaving California for the very first time in our state’s 170-year history,” Elder said in an interview this week.

During the event at Mandarin Plaza, Spectrum News 1 asked Newsom what worried him the most if he was indeed recalled.

“It would be Larry Elder,” Newsom said. “He runs away with it, it’s not even close. Congressman Chu is absolutely right. It’s not even close. You’re going to have someone who doesn’t believe in minimum wage; someone who doesn’t believe that women are as smart as men. Someone who does not believe in the right of women to choose; does not believe in corporate taxes. Someone who defended Donald Trump in his hate speech; someone who defended Donald Trump as he attacked the Asian community.

Conservative support rallied around candidate Larry Elder. Elder, a radio show host with no previous experience in the public service, said if elected the first thing he would do would be remove COVID-19 testing and hide terms for state officials. He said the governor had handled the pandemic “arrogantly”.

“As you know, they were scared to death,” Elder said at an event this week.

One of the latest Suffolk University polls released on Wednesday found 58% backing Newsom against a recall, while 41% said they were in favor.

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