Nonprofit organization sheds light on health care disparities in African American community

RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia mother and her nonprofit hope to continue the conversation about health disparities among African Americans and find solutions.

Tanisha Tyler-Graves lost her son to epilepsy two years ago and says her experience with the healthcare system reinforces her belief that health disparities exist and need to be addressed. Experts say health disparities can mean earlier deaths when patients struggle with chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, stroke and heart disease.

Many factors contribute to disparities among African Americans, including education, employment, income, and various lifestyle factors.

Tyler-Graves’ nonprofit When The Trumpet Sounds, along with Virginia Organizing, Crescent Solutions and health experts from Norfolk State University will explore these questions at an upcoming Forum of the Month. of black history titled Solutions to Minority Health Disparities.

“When my son was going through what he was going through, I didn’t understand a lot of things, so I had to start educating and researching on my own. Now if we can have a team of us, good leaders, we can begin to dismantle disparities at all levels. We fail because of lack of knowledge,” said Tyler-Graves.

The Solutions to Minority Health Disparities forum is virtual and everyone is invited. The free event will take place on February 12 at 10 a.m., but you must register online.

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