Portland Library to Host Virtual Conference on Connecticut Native American Culture


The event will start at 6 p.m.

Lavin is director of research and collections at Institute of Native American Studies, a museum and a research and educational center in Washington, according to a press release. She is an anthropologist and archaeologist.

“If you were a Native American living 500 (or 1,000 or 5,000) years ago, you would probably be looking forward to the winter season,” laments the press release. “The indigenous communities of Connecticut were wilderness peoples who not only survived, but thrived in adverse weather conditions.”

Native Americans spent most of their lives outdoors, and in hot weather people slept outside, according to the announcement. Weetoos and wigwams (Eastern Algonquian words for houses) were used for storage and shelter from inclement weather.

This PowerPoint Zoom presentation describes traditional Native American winter activities before European settlers arrived in Connecticut.

Lavin is the author of “The Indigenous Peoples of Connecticut: What Archeology, History, and Oral Traditions Tell Us About Their Communities and Cultures.”

The meeting is accessible via Zoom. The ID is 8603426777 and the password is “Portland”.

For more information and to register, visit portlandlibraryct.org.

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