Samantha Power meets with members of the Bosnian-American community | Press release

Administrator Samantha Power meets with members of the Bosnian American community

The following is attributable to spokesperson Rebecca Chalif:‎

Today, Administrator Power met with members of the Bosnian-American diaspora community to discuss the United States’ continued commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and efforts to engage diaspora communities in the strengthening of democracy, governance and economic development throughout the country. Administrator Power was joined by Ajla Delkic, Chair of the Advisory Council for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and USAID/BiH Mission members, including Mission Director Courtney Chubb and Economic Development Officer Boba Vukmanovic.

Administrator Power discussed his recent January 2022 trip to BiH and offered his perspective on US-BiH relations. Administrator Power thanked the Bosnian American community for their tremendous work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and stressed the importance of shared efforts to develop the country’s economy and support the dynamism of new generations of leaders in all sectors. The Administrator spoke of US efforts to encourage constructive dialogue among Bosnia and Herzegovina government officials, reduce corruption and promote reconciliation. Administrator Power and participants underscored shared solidarity with the Ukrainian people in the face of the ongoing Russian invasion, and discussed the importance of efforts to deal with attempts to undermine the stability of BiH and the peace accords of Dayton.

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