Senate resolution recognizes contributions of Israeli-American community


A Senate resolution to recognize the contributions of the Israeli-American community was introduced Thursday by Senators Jacky Rosen and Tim Scott.

Rosen (Democrat – Nevada) and Scott (Republican – South Carolina) are co-chairs of the bipartisan Senate Caucus on Black-Jewish Relations. The senators collaborated with the “Israeli American Council (IAC) for Action” to develop this resolution.

The resolution condemns discrimination against Israeli-Americans, “aimed at marginalizing or disenfranchising members of the Israeli-American community, the Jewish community in general, and individuals of Israeli or Jewish descent.” Additionally, it condemns anti-Semitism that can “damage the ability of Israeli-Americans and others to celebrate Israeli-American heritage and a deep connection to Israel.”

The Israeli-American population, estimated at over 800,000, was considered a “vibrant immigrant community whose values ​​inspire them to contribute strongly to the well-being and diversity of the United States”.

The resolution also recognizes the community’s wide range of contributions to American culture and their importance in strengthening ties with Israel.

He also applauds the Israeli-American impact on health sciences, pharmacy, disaster relief, astrophysics, mathematics, chemistry, aerospace engineering, biotechnology, agriculture and technology. Internet. Additionally, he praises Israeli-Americans and the Jewish community for advancing civil rights, equal protection, and justice for all, especially the most vulnerable sectors of society.

The Co-Chairs both introduced the resolution, emphasizing their condemnation of all forms of discrimination and hatred.

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“As the third Jewish woman to serve in the US Senate, I am proud to help introduce this resolution to honor the culture, heritage and legacy of Israeli-Americans,” Rosen said. -Americans, this resolution recognizes their contributions to the United States and condemns all forms of hatred and discrimination,” Rosen added.

“It pains me particularly to see the Jewish community, and in particular the Israeli-American subset, targeted for discrimination based on national origin by the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) hate movement, “This hatred and prejudice has no place in the United States of America,” Scott said.

The American-Israeli Council (IAC) thanked the senators for working on the resolution with the IAC’s legislative and policy arm, the American-Israeli Coalition for Action (IAC For Action).

“We are proud that our community and our institutions have matured to the point that the Israeli-American story and our contributions to America deserve such recognition,” the IAC said.

“This resolution comes at a critical time for the Israeli-American and pro-Israel community which is being unfairly targeted at record levels based on national origin biases. With anti-Semitism and homegrown discrimination against Israeli-Americans on the rise, now is the time for leaders to rise up with a voice of moral clarity, and we are grateful to Senators Jackie Rosen and Tim Scott for do it.

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