South American Culture and the Cannabis Wave

DETROIT – It seems that over the past couple of years we’ve entered the wave of marijuana legalization around the world. And while we would love to think that this plant will soon be fully legal in several other countries, we have to face the fact that these procedures tend to take longer to complete.

However, that still doesn’t negate the other fact that marijuana is indeed gaining acceptance all over the world, and that soon, maybe not as soon as we would like, but still, soon, marijuana will become legal in a whole new wave of countries. It’s just, finally, that this plant has managed to shake off the dusty, unsubstantiated old judgments with which it was so often associated in the past.

Now, it’s interesting to point out how some regions have a more deliberate tendency to accept marijuana use than others, and how countries in those regions are likely to make the leap to legal cannabis sooner than others. ‘others. South America is a good example.

As you may or may not know, marijuana is completely, one hundred percent legal for medical and recreational use in the South American country of Uruguay, which interestingly was the first country in the world to legalize the use of the plant for recreational purposes.

However, the legalization of cannabis in Uruguay took place long before cannabis became as popular as it is today, almost a decade ago in 2013.

But now that everyone seems to be talking about marijuana and embracing its magic, more and more South American countries have started showing their affinity for the plant.

Other countries like Argentina and Chile, for example, have also approved the legal use of the plant, but for medicinal purposes, and almost all other countries in the region have already fired up the engines and started to debating their way to legal weed as well.

It just makes sense for these communities to legalize these markets given the role that cannabis in South American culture represented. These places are well known for their overly conviviality, their friendly inhabitants and their strong relationship with music and the arts. And guess what is a good combo for these features?

If you guessed marijuana, you guessed right. In fact, it’s almost easier to spot a smoker in these countries than a non-smoker, so turning the cannabis market into a legal one would just make sense, and it might even help boost the cannabis economy. these countries, which is unfortunately known. not to be the region’s greatest strength.

Let’s wait and see how these weed-friendly spots fare with cannabis legalization when the time comes, and hope for the best, of course.

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