The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents the New American Culture Race

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 19, 2022 / — Attorney Jerry United’s New American Culture Race captures readers’ attention as he talks about and focuses on the growth, learning and evolution of American culture – a growing and vital topic for this generation and the next.

New American Culture Race is a short treatise on current and modern social unrest, COVID-19 and its effects on American society and our evolution as a culture in response to this threat. Besides opening readers’ eyes to a new perspective on one of the greatest global crises in history, this book also highlights the struggles and predicts some outcomes based on our American cultural response.

History has known world-changing events, some of which were plagues. COVID-19 will undoubtedly change the world too. We pretty much all know that. Jerry provides an incentive perspective based on both human nature and current politics while also applying how most people are likely to react and how that can be a tool for a more positive outcome. We will see changes if we investigate by inquiry and observation. However, not all changes are obvious. The changes influence some other areas of our existence. To that end, the New American Culture Race points this out.

How do we shop? How do we invest? What are we investing in? Time, money, energy? As a human being, certain biological habits and predictions are almost certain. This insightful book explores these questions and observations and will hopefully provide readers with a more than satisfying answer. Jerry Unis, the go-to author of New American Culture Race, has been an attorney for over 30 years and resides in Orange County, California. He currently spends his time at home caring for his wife of 25 years and his 18-year-old twins. He was born in southwestern Pennsylvania, in Hopewell Township, where his father worked in the steel mill and served as a police chief and police officer for more than three decades. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Jerry moved to California to be with his family and has lived there ever since. He later attended law school, earned his JD, and began practicing in California in 1987. Having counseled thousands of people in legal, practical, and spiritual pursuits, Jerry is better equipped than most to do facing the human mind and psyche. Common sense issues not recognized or addressed by the politicians in charge as the country went through the pandemic and social unrest gave rise to the need for the book New American Culture Race.

New American Culture Race
Written by: Jerry United
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