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Religion and politics are never polite topics to discuss in mixed society. But imagine if what most people consider a simple social faux pas became the reason you were fired from your job, sued, or had all of your personal information leaked publicly onto the internet. Simply because someone at the table disagreed with who you voted with.

For most of American history, that answer would be unfathomable.

But it happens every day.

Journalists and editors fired to print differing opinions, even if they themselves do not agree with that opinion. Small business owners are prosecuted or fined to follow their conscience. Workers get fired for social media posts from their youth. Not even abraham lincoln is safe when the mob is on a warpath.

The danger and destruction of cancel culture is enormous, and if we are not careful, it could become a defining feature of American culture for posterity.

It’s a popular issue with talking heads on cable news, but the Center for Excellence in Polling wanted to see what a diverse population of the United States thinks about people being “cancelled” for their beliefs.

The results paint a very different picture the awakened elites would have you believe.

Seventy-seven percent of voters are concerned about cancel culture, with 50% saying they are “very concerned.” Republicans and independents say they are most concerned.

A majority of voters believe Democrats engage in cancel culture more often, and 49% of Democrats said they want individuals held accountable for what they have done in the past 10 years. years or for the rest of their lives, even if that means dismissing beloved pop culture icons like “The Bachelor” Chris Harrison.

Despite this, fortunately, only a single-digit percentage of all voters believe that disclosing personal information, known as “doxing,” should be legal.

The majority of Americans want protection from those who would deprive them of the dignity of work and the ability to support their families simply for expressing a political opinion. an overwhelming majority of voters okay – no one should worry about losing their job or having their home address or personal information leaked all over the internet just because they disagree with an idea popularized by the media.

With polls like these, the left can simply bully each other out of popularity, while corporations jostle to bow down to the crowd. No American should be afraid to tell their own family about their core beliefs. People are being bullied for speaking their minds, even with friends and family. It drives a wedge between Americans and prevents our children from learning to engage in healthy debate.

Every generation has its political issues and disagreements, but cancel culture cannot and should not define us. We owe it to ourselves and our children to stop this trend before it becomes the norm. As the radical left continues to shift the goal post of what is “acceptable” in public discourse, concerned Americans should continue to face adversity and stand up for those who dare to take a stand and speak their minds. .

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