The Wellesley Historical Society now has documentation on the town’s Italian-American community


Wellesley is barely emerging from a years-long and often bitter battle between Indigenous Peoples Day and Indigenous Peoples Day, which officially ended last spring when the Board of Directors voted to replace Indigenous Peoples Day by Indigenous Peoples Day on the city calendar. It will be celebrated on the second Monday in October at Wellesley.

But the discussion was not over. As Tory DeFazio, a local businessman whose family is deeply rooted in the city’s Italian-American community, noted this week, the Select Board recently announced that October is National Italian Heritage Month. American in Wellesley.

“This follows a national trend to promote various heritage months,” DeFazio said in a statement this week. “Wellesley is no different. The Italian-American community of Wellesley is rightly proud of its contributions to the town of Wellesley and shares its rich diversity. They have a distinguished history of over 150 years in Wellesley contributing to development , to the infrastructure and beauty of the community, their values ​​and their families as descendants of immigrants have helped to shape the character of the city as well as the country as a whole.

DeFazio said that documentation from the Italian-American community of Wellesley has now been successfully preserved in the archives of the Wellesley Historical Society.

It is directly accessible via the following link:

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