This Oscar goes to the Native American community; Thanks to Joseph Patel

“It will please my mother. I’m the first Patel to win an Oscar. So I’m proud of that…” said American Indian Joseph Patel during his rousing speech. in a sonorous voice that resounded at the Dolby Theater, instead of 94and Oscar ceremony. Born to an immigrant couple from Gujarat, Joseph won the coveted trophy for ‘Summer of Soul’ in the Best Documentary Film category. He co-produced the documentary, alongside Robert Fyvolent and David Dinnerstein.

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Joseph Patel’s Summer of Soul competed with ‘Writing with Fire’, India’s official 2022 Oscar entry. The documentary depicts the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival, a celebration of African musical culture in Manhattan, New York. The Harlem Cultural Festival, a concert series, was in full swing from 1967 until pop culture overshadowed it. The festival was a platform for Black Pride, a movement by and for black people embracing their African heritage to protest against white racism and supremacy during the fag end of the American civil rights movement.

Therefore, Joseph Patel’s Oscar win is not only another feather in the hat for the Native American community, but also a tribute to the marginalized people of Harlem.

The Oscar hopes that India’s 132 million population had pinned on ‘Writing with Fire’, lost it to Indian-born Joseph Patel. ‘Writing with Fire’ is a documentary about India’s only newspaper run by an all-female team from the underprivileged Dalit community, formerly untouchables. The newspaper named Khabar Lahariya reports on hyperlocal issues, such as illegal mining, poor health care in remote villages and police inaction in rape cases, which find no place in the mainstream media. public.

Raised in San FranciscoJoseph Patel lives in Brooklyn, new York. He is a producer, director and screenwriter with over two decades of experience in film, broadcast, digital media and print media. He has an impressive body of work. He worked as a music journalist early in his career. He was head of content at Vevo, the world’s largest music video platform, before producing the Oscar-winning documentary. He has also produced digital content for Vice Media, The Fader, Bomb and MTV News & Docs. He earned a BAFTA nomination for the same documentary.

Chris Rock called Joseph Patel white when he called out the names of the producers and directors of the “Summer of Soul” documentary from the card on stage. This angered Patel as he is proud to be one of the few South Asians to win an Oscar in Oscar history. He criticized Chris Rock for eclipsing his South Asian identity and heritage by portraying him as one of four white men. He then criticized Smith on social media.

He directs a documentary on the best-selling “Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop”, while rejoicing in the moments of his Oscar victory at 94and Oscars.

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