TNH and the Greek-American Community: Keeping Hellenism Alive


Flipping through 25 years of newspapers to prepare for this issue brought back so many memories.

Memories of History in the making. Memoirs associated with specific periods.

Ahhh…the times I stared at the newspaper on the screen and when it stared at me for hours and days until it was sent to print…The times an issue well and the times… well, let’s just say it was harder…

What was most interesting is that I remember almost all the first pages! I have to say that I had many “AHA” moments!

And our minds are such that they automatically take us back to relive what happened 25 years ago.

I still remember the adrenaline and excitement the day we printed our first issue! We were all so proud. Everyone in the office was smiling, waiting impatiently. I remember the smiles and comments once it was read. And even today, sitting down to write this congratulatory article, I can only smile and continue to be proud to be part of the TNH team and the process of every issue you hold in your hands to read.

In 1997, our team, led by our publisher and editor, Antonis H. Diamataris, had a specific goal: to publish a journal that would appeal to our English-speaking Greek-American community. The need for such a publication had become very necessary. Times were changing in our community and Mr. Diamataris knew – not only – the needs but the exact moment to put forward this remarkable undertaking.

You, our judges, have given a reason and therefore a future to this mission.

And thank you all, today together we celebrate the success of this important and distinguished publication that has served and will continue to serve generations of Greek-Americans.

After 25 years, today the English-speaking Greek-American community and the TNH are one.

TNH documents the history of Omogenia and serves as a bridge connecting Greece and Greek America. On the other hand, our readers, subscribers and advertisers trust us, support us, embrace us and encourage us to continue, improve and evolve with the ever-changing times. You are a constant source of motivation and inspiration, and we thank you for that.

With your devotion and support to the newspaper and with our devotion to you, we can only look forward to many, many more years of success and keeping Hellenism outside the borders of Greece. A most sacred task!

That said… I would like to congratulate The National Herald on 25 years of successful service! And congratulations to all of us: to our readers, our advertisers, our teams and all those who support us, each in their own way.

Happy 25th anniversary!

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