Tribute to Dr. King | Richmond Free Press

We remember with admiration and deep gratitude the selfless leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., whose vision and commitment to justice and equality for all helped steer the arc of the moral universe. in the right direction.

In 2022, as our nation, our Commonwealth and our city grapple with issues and disparities surrounding COVID-19, health care, education, employment, housing, voting rights, human rights, social justice, police brutality and criminal justice, we must continue to apply the principles championed by Dr King and stand up, speak up and work towards these goals that will benefit all, including the most vulnerable in our society.

On the eve of this national holiday which would have been Dr. King’s 93rd birthday, Virginia ushers in change with the inauguration of a new Republican administration at the State House. Our Congress is grappling with attacks on our nation’s democracy and its cornerstone – the right to vote. And our city is striving to reimagine its future, including how it commemorates the past.

We need to ask ourselves as individuals what our roles will be and how we will fit into this equation. Are we going to work towards chaos or towards community?

We hope that the spirit of Dr. King and the legacy of his writings and actions will provide answers and direction.

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