Tribute to Native American Culture at the NYS Fair

(WSYR-TV) – The New York State Fair honors Native American culture on Day 10, a reminder of how important culture is to central New York.

The Indian Village helps share what makes this day so important.

“I’ve been coming here since I was maybe under ten with my parents,” says Indian Village Superintendent Norman Jimerson. “I danced and sang in my youth and learned the tricks of the trade.”

Jimerson isn’t the only person who grew up coming here, either.

“I’ve been doing it here in this village for 43 years, so yeah, I grew up there and it’s all family when I come here,” says a dancer from Oneida Nation Heath Hills.

Six different nations, all in one place. It’s a real family affair and a showcase of the culture they’ve known all their lives.

“We all being here together and dancing together and enjoying that and bringing other people along,” Hill says.

Visitors can witness all the wonderful Indian village dances and learn about the history behind them.

“There’s a lot of history here and then there’s the dances, the explanation of the dances that we’re trying to incorporate into the language of different nations,” says Jimerson.

There is a showcase of homemade jewelry, clothes and many other items that you can find all around the village.

“It’s new, it’s different every year, so I love seeing it happen and seeing the different skill levels they’ve created over the year,” says Edith Waterman, crafts department supervisor .

For many, it’s a special feeling that makes the Village feel like home and it’s what keeps them coming back year after year.

“As long as I have this feeling in my heart of seeing what I see every year, I will always come back. I could be on a tropical island somewhere on a real vacation, but this is it, this is my vacation,” Hill says. .

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