U.S. Embassy issues update on student visas


U.S. Embassy spokesman Dan Mangis posted a video on Facebook on Monday detailing the latest updates and recommendations regarding the Jordan student visa application process.

“Although our visa service capacity is very limited, we give priority to students,” he began, adding that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, visa processing is delayed around the world. whole.

Due to delays, the Embassy is full with appointments until August 23.

For students concerned that this will now allow them to get to campus on time, Mangis had three recommendations.

First, students should know when they are expected to arrive in the United States and check with their school whether international students are allowed to arrive later, if necessary.

Second, students should check the Embassy’s website daily for available appointments. If an appointment is not available on the date desired by the student, students can also get an emergency appointment or send an email to the Embassy ([email protected]) to be added to the waiting list.

Finally, students should be prepared to attend any appointment they receive, even if the appointment is granted with one day’s notice. According to Mangis, the students should have all their papers in order and have a plan to get to the embassy as soon as possible to ensure a flawless meeting.

“We will continue to do everything possible here at the United States Embassy to support students interested in studying in the United States,” Mangis concluded.

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