US calls on Taliban to spare US embassy during siege of Kabul

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Officials in the Biden administration have reportedly called on the Taliban to overlook the US embassy in Kabul when the terror group invades the city to overthrow the country’s government and reaffirm the supreme rule of Sharia.

The news that officials were asking the terrorist organization to refrain from attacking the embassy came from two anonymous sources who was talking with The New York Times Thursday. The State Department added in a statement the same day, “We are withdrawing our forces from Afghanistan, but we are not withdrawing from Afghanistan. Even if the American troops leave, the United States will maintain its strong diplomatic engagement with Afghanistan.

In the meantime, the Pentagon spokesperson John kirby said Thursday afternoon that the United States would send 3,000 troops to Afghanistan to help evacuate the Kabul embassy, ​​except for a “core diplomatic presence.” These troops should arrive before the end of the weekend.

Taliban forces captured the town of Ghazni earlier today, bringing them within 95 miles of the nation’s capital. Intelligence officials expected it to be at least several months before the Taliban posed a threat to Kabul. Revised estimates suggest that devout members of the terrorist group – numbering 85,000 – could arrive in a few weeks.

News also broke on Thursday that the Taliban had captured Herat, the third largest city in the country and the 11th of 34 provincial capitals to fall under Taliban control. The group’s inaugural actions in these towns included closing girls’ schools and informing women that they will be rounded up to be married off to Taliban fighters.

President Joe biden said on Tuesday he was standing by his April decision to complete the withdrawal of US troops from the country by 9/11. told reporters. “The Afghan leadership must come together. They have to fight for themselves, to fight for their nation.

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