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The US embassy school in New Delhi, which the Indian government has accused of violating visa laws and local laws, is not run by the US mission, a senior department official has said. of state.

Washington: The US embassy school in New Delhi, which the Indian government has accused of violating visas and local laws, is not run by the US mission, a senior State Department official said.

However, the United States is talking with India at the diplomatic level to address the Indian government’s concerns in this regard, the official said.

United States Embassy in Delhi. Photo: AFP

“It (the US embassy school) is not run by the embassy. Only about a third of the students there are Americans. We are in discussions with the Indian government regarding the issues they have raised regarding the ‘school,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. reporters yesterday.

“Since 1952, when the Embassy exchanged diplomatic notes with the Indian government to establish the American Embassy School, the school has been successful in providing international education in New Delhi to children from the diplomatic and expatriate business community,” said PSAKI.

A New York Times report said the school was run on land owned by the US government. “A handout for new teachers at the American Embassy School in this city, an academic oasis for the children of American diplomats and other expatriates, offers unusual advice for female teachers whose husbands will also be teaching at the school,” said reported the daily.

“The wife should not declare that she will work,” the document says, asking the spouses to indicate their profession on visa applications as “housewife”, adding that “no sexism is envisaged from us,” the NYT said.

The report comes weeks after a diplomatic row between the United States and India over the arrest and indictment of Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade in New York.

PSAKI said the United States is committed to addressing “those concerns” that have been raised.

“We will deal with them through diplomatic channels, and we have already had conversations at a very high level about them,” he added.
she says.

Meanwhile, according to a 2011 report from the State Department’s Office of Inspector General, the American School in Mumbai was having fiscal problems with the Indian government. Parts of the declassified version of the report that is publicly available are redacted.

“The principal of the school was optimistic about resolving the long-standing fiscal issues with the Indian government. The consul general drafted a memorandum of understanding for the school with the state government of Maharashtra to formalize the school’s status as exempt from corporation tax,” the report said.

Although the name and location of the American school has been redacted, from the contents it appears to be that of the school
located in Mumbai.


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