Vibrant Fiesta will celebrate Latin American culture with the Rotorua community

Leidy Monsalves (left) with Leandro Diaz, 5, Eduardo Diaz, Mercedes Calderon and Catalina Rivera, 6, are delighted with the Latin American Fiesta. Photo/Andrew Warner

Let the vibrant Latin American music flow through your body and its dishes excite your taste buds at an upcoming fiesta.

The community is invited to share in a fun evening of Latin American food, culture, dance and more at Rotorua’s Village Green on Thursday next week, 5-9pm.

The 2022 Latin American Fiesta will run alongside the regular Rotorua Night Market and celebrates a passionate and vibrant culture.

Entertainment will include dance groups and bands from Cuba, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina.

Latin American food will be available to tantalize your taste buds with churros, nachos, quesadillas, paella, empanadas, tamales and arepas.

Co-organizer Eduardo Diaz says there will be artists and food trucks from Hamilton and Auckland, as well as locals.

He says people will have a great opportunity to watch the paella being made, which is always fun.

“Besides great food and entertainment programming, Rotorua being a multicultural city, it is important to support our friends in South America.”

Eduardo says the party also took place last year and it was planned to be an annual event.

“I think people realize when they listen to Latin music and eat Latin food, that it’s a vibrant, exciting and contagious culture.”

He says it’s a can’t-miss event and the Village Green is a nice setting for the fiesta.

Many shows and community events have been affected by Covid-19, so it was great to be able to organize this for the community, says Eduardo.

The party is organized by Multicultural Rotorua and the Latin American community, with the help of the Rotorua Night Market team, he says.

Kathy Nicholls, Rotorua Lakes Council Arts and Culture, Communications and Marketing Manager, says the Rotorua Night Market team are so excited about the fiesta event.

“We love working with the local Latin American community because they are so passionate about their culture.

“The past few months have been a tough time for events, and it’s great that we’re starting 2022 with a burst of Latin energy and fun.”

She says Rotorua has a diverse community and the team wants to showcase as many cultures as possible, foster understanding and allow people to have unique experiences.

People must have a My Vaccine Pass to enter the Rotorua Night Market, and to scan and wear a mask to keep everyone safe.

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